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  • Li & Fung is the leading consumer goods design, development, sourcing, and logistics company for major retailers and brands around the world.

    We specialize in responsibly managing supply chains of high-volume, time-sensitive goods.

    We provide sophisticated, one-stop-shop solutions to meet our customers' specific needs. Our customer relationships, vendor network, and operations as one of the world's largest consumer product sourcing and distribution platforms, remain unrivaled.

    We are committed to achieving the highest standards when meeting the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery. By leveraging our global network, market knowledge, and advanced technology, we have the capacity and flexibility to rapidly respond to evolving trends in consumer and production markets.

  • Experience, professionalism and integrity have earned Li & Fung its reputation as the world's leading consumer goods sourcing company. Through a growing network of over 15,000 suppliers in more than 40 economies, the Company strives to find quality-conscious, cost-effective manufacturers to match the production needs of more than 7,700 customers around the world.

    This global framework enables Li & Fung to create tailored sourcing options to meet customers' specific requirements. Dedicated global teams of product specialists focus on each customer segment and leverage their close ties with suppliers to offer insider knowledge that helps customers make informed buying decisions.

  • LF Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. is under Li&Fung Ltd. The logistics business is one of its three core businesses. Driven by our deep rooted local knowledge and in-depth operational experience, we provide services to over 80 customers in the Footwear and Apparel, FMCG and Chemical industries.

    - More than 40 modern distribution centres with a footprint of over 400,000 sq.m
    - Nationwide transportation network delivering to more than 17,000 drop-points in 767 cities
    - State-of-the-art, integrated IT systems that can be customized to support our clients' needs
    - Industry leadership in Footwear and Apparel logistics

  • Li & Fung first began its distribution business in the U.S. in 2005 and then expanded to Europe in 2008. By working closely with brands and retailers, Li & Fung addresses their specific needs in the areas of design, sales and marketing, and distribution as well as managing the supply chain.

    The Company's distribution operation consists of three pillars: private labels, proprietary brands and licensing of recognized brands. In the area of private labels, Li & Fung helps retailers produce finished products under a private label or in-house brand. To develop proprietary brands, the Company takes nationally recognized brands and builds exclusive lines of merchandise for retailers. For licensing, Li & Fung works closely with customers to build up well-known brands through product design, branding, sourcing, product delivery, quality control, pricing and warehousing.

    Following the success achieved in the U.S. and Europe, distribution business in Asia begins in 2011. LF Asia, as one of our Distribution business unites, mainly distributes consuming goods in Asia with a wide variety of products from many different segments like foods, healthcare, cosmetics & beauty, apparel, footwear, kids' products etc.In China, LF Asia has nearly 1,000 employees running a nation wide distribution network in more than 40 cities.

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